ISBN 0810115611


Perloff, Marjorie. Poetry On & Off the Page: Essays for Emergent Occasions. University of Alabama Press, 2004.


Introduction 1   

  1. Postmodernism / Fin de Siecle: Defining “Difference” in Late Twentieth-Century Poetics    3
  2. Tolerance and Taboo: Modernist Primitivisms and Postmodernist Pieties    34 [PDF]
  3. “Barbed-Wire Entanglements”: The “New American Poetry,” 1930-32    51
  4. “A Step Away from Them”: Poetry 1956    83
  5. Lucent and Inescapable Rhythms: Metrical “Choice” and Historical Formation    116
  6. After Free Verse: The New Nonlinear Poetries    141 [PDF]
  7. What We Don’t Talk about When We Talk about Poetry: Some Aporias of Literary Journalism    168
  8. English as a “Second” Language: Mina Loy’s “Anglo-Mongrels and the Rose”    193
  9. Poetry in Time of War: The Duncan-Levertov Controversy    208
  10. How Russian Is It: Lyn Hejinian’s Oxota    222
  11. What Really Happened: Roland Barthes’s Winter Garden/Christian Boltanski’s Archives of the Dead    243
  12. “Inner Tension / In Attention”: Steve McCaffery’s Book Art    264
  13. The Music of Verbal Space: John Cage’s “What You Say …”    290
  14. The Morphology of the Amorphous: Bill Viola’s Videoscapes    309

Notes 323
Illustration Sources 357
Poetry Sources 363
Index 365


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