ISBN 0-8101-0843-7 / 0-8101-0844-5


Perloff, Marjorie. Poetic License: Essays on Modernist and Postmodernist Lyric. Evanston: Northwestern University Press, 1990.


  1. Can(n)on to the Right of Us, Can(n)on to the Left of Us: A Plea for Difference (7-30)
  2. Canon and the Loaded Gun: Feminist Poetics and the Avant-Garde (31-52)
  3. Traduit de l’américain: French Representations of the “New American Poetry” (53-70)
  4. The Pursuit of Number: Yeats, Khlebnikov, and the Mathematics of the Modern (71-98) [PDF]
  5. Lawrence’s Lyric Theater: Birds, Beasts and Flowers (99-118)
  6. The Contemporary of Our Grandchildren: Ezra Pound and the Question of Influence (119-144)
  7. “A Fine New Kind of Realism”: Six Stein Styles in Search of a Reader (145-160)
  8. “Une Voix pas la mienne”: French/English Beckett and the French/English Reader (161-174)
  9. The Two Ariels: The (Re)Making of the Sylvia Plath Canon (175-198) [PDF]
  10. A Lion in Our Living Room: Reading Allen Ginsberg in the Eighties (199-230) [PDF]
  11. Apocalypse Then: W.S. Merwin and the Sorrow of Literary History (231-250)
  12. On the Other Side of the Field: The Collected Poems of Paul Blackburn (251-266)
  13. Barthes, Ashbery, and the Zero Degree of Genre (267-284)
  14. “Voice Whisht through Thither Flood”: Steve McCaffery’s Panopticon and North of Intention (285-296)
  15. “Collision or Collusion with History”: Susan Howe’s Articulation of Sound Forms in Time (297-310)
  16. Index


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